Shutting Down the Editors

Never have I ever mastered the art of publishing on a regular basis. The only time I published new blog posts once a week was when I was writing about shutting down my last company. Let’s just say I had a lot of free time to wonder what bombs my past self had unwittingly dropped on my future self.

I think there are a lot of hard things about writing. Some of these things have completely kept me from publishing. I hate this because I’m hyper-aware of the lizard brain that keeps me from pushing “Post." 

Somewhere along the way, I let what other people think get in the way. I decided doing things "right” was for who-knows-why was important. I scrutinized each post for perfect grammar, the right voices, proper tense, comma usage that made sense to my reader. Trying to anticipate my audience’s reaction became like a virus that shut down my ability to share. 

I’m not even sure what I was looking for when I asked for pre-posting feedback on my writing. I think I hoped that by showing it to a few people early, they would help me appeal to more people. I’ve decided that my goal isn’t to get a large number of people to read my posts, but rather to put my thoughts out there for a large number of people to discover should it be interesting.

Writing is most fun for me when I just let it flow. It’s all the going back and taking feedback and changing things to be how someone else things they should be that shuts me down. So for now, I’m shutting down the editors, and I’ll be publishing a whole lot more.